Welcome to the Balloon Shop. The best place to get Sky Lanterns in India. We bring to you a range of lanterns that will light up the sky and lighten up your events. Our lanterns are bio degradable and are completely safe. Old or young, everyone loves Sky Lanterns. They are perfect for every event! Whether releasing one into the sky or a hundred at a time, they are amazing! They are perfect for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Festivals and all other functions. The Sky Lanterns put on an impressive, yet uncommon display. It is more appealing and has greater aesthetics than fireworks which have become too common everywhere. The lanterns can be customized to your specifications.
Sky Lanterns
Sky lanterns spread the green culture in its totality- One hundred per cent degradable fiberglass rope, fireproof paper, bamboo, wax, and cloth. The lanterns are carried in moisture-control pack. The lanterns do not sway because they are held together by the black wax pad. ....... Read more
Luminaries-Candle Bags
After conquering Europe and United States, they are gaining in popularity in India. It has impacted the people so much that candle bags have virtually replaced the traditional diyas. The glow is significantly more. Moreover, they stay lit despite the fluctuating climatic conditions. ..... Read more
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