It happens with all of us. Once the big fat wedding gets over comes the bigger problem-settling bills for the exorbitant and colourful decorations that have been hired specifically for the purpose.

Whenever one plans to celebrate any festival or occasion, the first thought that comes to mind is to make it a visual treat. In the days gone, having a lavish function or do was considered as one that was reflective of social status.

Today, the symbol of economic status has made way for equally impressive celebrations that don’t cost millions!

The days of heavy spending are gradually getting replaced by the use of ready-to-use decorative items and curios that bring alive every festivity and celebration. The impact is the same, perhaps more explicit and illuminative. And it costs virtually a pittance compared to the celebrations of earlier times.

Today, there have been so many innovations that one can get to celebrate the most momentous days with brilliant sparkle at throwaway budgets.

We ventured into them not only because of the unique exclusivity but also because they propagate eco-friendliness. Our endeavor is to pioneer the `Go Green’ approach even while going about colorful celebrations.

As part of our vision, we advocate the use of non-toxic, recyclable paper that is out and out bio-degradable.

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